Fancy Sushi Special

Spicy tuna deep fried with house special sauce, top with spicy krab, fish egg, crunchy, scallion.
Jax Spicy
Shrimp. Tempura, spicy tuna on top.
Kelmon Spicy
Spicy tuna, krab inside fresh salmon, spicy sauce on top.
U.S.A Spicy
California roll, tuna, salmon, white fish, chopped down put in the top spicy.
Smoked salmon, krab stick, cream cheese, deep fried or shrimp sauce on top.
Fancy Dragon
Shrimp tempura roll, smoked salmon, eel, fish egg on top.
Green Dragon
Eel cucumber, avocado on top.
Lucky Dragon Spicy
Eel avocado with fresh tuna on top, fish egg, scallion.
Conch, mayo, krab stick, fish egg, BBQ,krab, avocado, cheese
Shrimp tempura, crabmeat, crunchy on top with house special sauce.
Fancy Sushi Roll Spicy
Salmon, cheese, top with avocado, spicy tuna, tempura crunchy, fish egg and radish.
Love Roll $11.95